HML Transport Consultants is a logistics management company that offers customers and logistics service providers (LSPs) more than the traditional service offerings. The company’s primary focus is to provide end-to-end logistics solutions for commodities and general products in industries such as mining and agricultural, amongst others.

HML is a non-asset based logistics management company, delivering primary freight services and end-to-end logistics solutions. The business model employed by HML, addresses the various components of a comprehensive logistics solution, creating a solid foundation for adding sustainable value to our customers’ businesses and focuses on being “customer-centric”.



“Our MISSION is to offer our customers personalised logistics solutions, across Southern Africa, through highly skilled people and customised service offerings expertly designed to deliver on promises and exceed expectations. Furthermore, we endeavour to understand and anticipate customer needs and changing market trends, to build and unlock value for our valued customers”.

“Our VISION is to unlock future value for all stakeholders by:

  • providing our valued customers with highly personalised and specialised logistics solutions,
  • providing suppliers with consistent and rewarding business opportunities; and
  • developing our employees to unlock their full potential thereby promoting overall growth of HML and all stakeholders.

We work towards creating an ‘extended enterprise’ between us, our customers and our transporters.


The HM Trust was established in 1999 with the objective to become a reputable player in the transport industry. Having shown consistent healthy growth with a substantial customer base and pool of dedicated transport providers, HM Trust became attractive as an acquisition. In August 2010, 70% of the business was acquired by IMPERIAL Logistics member company, Broco Transport Consultants.

During this process, a new company was established and HML Transport Consultants (Pty) Ltd was born and has grown substantially under the Imperial Logistics umbrella. In July 2017, the shareholders of HML Transport Consultants decided to buy back all shares from IMPERIAL Logistics.

HML is now an independent provider of logistic management solutions and serves various key clients, mainly active in the commodity, chemical, fertilizer, agricultural and fresh produce sectors.

Our Team

Helgo Hohenstein

Helgo Hohenstein

Managing Director

082 465 6637

Markus Esterhuyse

Markus Esterhuyse

Operations Director

083 283 5579

Marcel Greaver

Marcel Greaver

Financial Director

083 658 2333